Joel Faretra


Joel Faretra

Central District Councilor

(978) 771-9441

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Public Statement

I have been a Methuen resident for almost 20 years. I am proud to call Methuen my home. It’s citizens are some of the most passionate people I have met. We will rally to help our own when in need or gather to fight for what is right for our city. Unfortunately, that does not seem to happen at City Hall. Many of our elected officials will cast their vote because of who they owe favors to or who they know instead of what is best for us.

I am running in hope that we can take Methuen back and have elected officials who will put Methuen first and not their special interests. I am not a politician. You get what you see. I am not going to change because I am running for office.

One of the first questions I have asked of me is what are my conflicts in the city. My wife is a teacher at MHS. I do not have conflicts with any other family members.

Next is why are you running and how will you help turn this city around. I will work with my colleagues to create more transparency in the city budget process, especially those departments that bring in money throughout the year in fees. We need to make sure departments live within their means and limit unnecessary expenses, such as overtime, and trim the fat so we have money to take care of our infrastructure.

We need to attract new businesses and corporations into Methuen to lessen the burden. We are being left behind while Salem, NH and Lawrence keep growing. We need to keep up with our neighbors and attract businesses that will bring people and jobs to Methuen. We need to maximize our great geography and promote this to potential businesses.

There needs to be an investment into the community from the city. We lack open space and continue to sell off land to developers. Methuen is in desperate need for new recreational areas and the areas we do have are not utilized to their potential or left to rot. We need to work with our state delegation to secure grant money from the state along with our city government and local businesses to invest in ourselves. We have some of the strongest youth and volunteer organizations in Methuen that serve a great purpose to our community. We need to let their voices be heard and work with them instead of creating an us vs them environment. We need to fund our schools on par with other communities but also make sure that those funds are allocated correctly, not wasted on administrative costs and departments are not top heavy and leaving our teachers short changed on the floor.

James McCarty

James McCarty

Central District Councilor

(603) 369-9163

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Message from James McCarty

As I stand for re-election to the City Council representing the Central District I pledge to continue to stand up and lead on issues that are critical to the future of the City of Methuen. As a first term Councilor I led the opposition to a police superior officers contract that was a legal and financial disaster for taxpayers, fighting successfully to roll back obscene and unaffordable pay raises for some police superior officers. As we look to the future, I will continue to stand for providing first rate public safety services for Methuen residents by putting taxpayer dollars into providing more police on the street, and less in administration. I will continue my leadership on the budget to ensure responsible, and affordable budgets for Methuen taxpayers. I pledge to continue to support our schools with the resources necessary to give every Methuen student a first class education that will prepare them for an ever changing world. And finally I will not allow special interests, no matter how powerful, to dictate how I vote and think. I will always place Methuen’s residents first. I ask for your support to send me back to fight for the residents of the Central District.

Nicholas Dizoglio

Nicholas DiZoglio

Councilor At-Large


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Message from Nicholas:

Methuen has been my home for over twenty years. I graduated from Methuen Public, played ball here and bought my first home in the East District with my wife, Lindsay. For the last four years, I have had the honor of serving the Methuen School Committee; in which two of those years I held the Vice Chair position. My collaboration efforts with the schools and the city have brought both parties to the table to discuss the need for fiscal responsibility and transparency. With neighboring Salem, our city needs to think closely about its future.

There has been a lot of blaming and name calling, which is not getting us anywhere. We need leaders that will come to the table and focus on moving forward with effective solutions.

It’s time for us to move away from the old ways and move toward a new Methuen; a Methuen with a strong infrastructure, urban renewal, a bustling economic and business community, strong schools and an equipped public safety organization.

As City Councilor, I will make urban renewal and business development top priority. We need businesses that will be a part of the community and want to grow the economic needs that our city requires. We are a city that spends like a city with a “town” budget. To provide the right resources, we need to run our city like a business and make big changes that limit the effect on the pockets of our residents.

DJ Beauregard

D J Beauregard

Friends of D.J. Beauregard
P.O. Box 487
Methuen, MA 01844

(978) 609-0575

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Methuen is the place where I was born and raised, went to public schools, and where my wife and I chose to raise our own family. It's my home. Like so many people who call Methuen home, I want to help make our community better.
I'm running for Councilor-at-Large because I believe that we need innovative ideas and a collaborative approach in order to move Methuen forward together. We also need elected officials who will put Methuen's best interests ahead of politics. I hope you'll consider casting one of your three votes for me on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

D.J.'s Ideas:

Responsibility - Scrutinize all contracts and build a more sustainable financial future by identifying ways to streamline services and reduce costs
Economic Growth - Leverage existing resources to connect residents with business-building programs designed to foster local entrepreneurship
Civic Engagement - Create new opportunities for our youth to invest in the community by bringing back the Methuen Youth Corps
Public Safety - Promote safer neighborhoods through the expansion of Methuen’s Neighborhood Watch Program

D.J.'s Background:
- Director of Donor Cultivation, Development at Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School; Founder & Principal, Ranger Strategies
- Community Representative on the Superintendent Search Committee (2019)
- Board Member, Merrimack Valley Prevention and Substance Abuse Project
- Member, Methuen Sons of Italy
- Product of the Methuen Public Schools

You can learn more by visiting or calling D.J. at 978-609-0575.


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