James McCarty

Central District Councilor

(603) 369-9163

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Message from James McCarty

As I stand for re-election to the City Council representing the Central District I pledge to continue to stand up and lead on issues that are critical to the future of the City of Methuen. As a first term Councilor I led the opposition to a police superior officers contract that was a legal and financial disaster for taxpayers, fighting successfully to roll back obscene and unaffordable pay raises for some police superior officers. As we look to the future, I will continue to stand for providing first rate public safety services for Methuen residents by putting taxpayer dollars into providing more police on the street, and less in administration. I will continue my leadership on the budget to ensure responsible, and affordable budgets for Methuen taxpayers. I pledge to continue to support our schools with the resources necessary to give every Methuen student a first class education that will prepare them for an ever changing world. And finally I will not allow special interests, no matter how powerful, to dictate how I vote and think. I will always place Methuen’s residents first. I ask for your support to send me back to fight for the residents of the Central District.