Methuen's Only Promotion Generator

Yes we did say forever! Businesses can have a promotion created and have it displayed here forever.  

Just complete the form to create your promotion. A one time fee of $50 is required for each promotion created.  Since this is a forever promotion you have the option for the promotion to never expire or you can set it to expire on a future date. If you choose an expiration date the promotion will remove it from out system.

Whether they are called coupons, specials or deals they all provide businesses an easy way to attract customers to their businesses.  We offer two types of plans indicated below.  Whether it’s a forever promotion or a self managed solution our promotion generator  known as The Coupon Generator will help any business to easy generate their promotions. 

Self Managed Solutions

We have a self managed solutions that allows any business to easily manager their promotions.  Add, delete, change, and even add a barcode or discount code that matched you POS system.

Following is annual pricing.

2 Promos = $175
3 Promos = $225
4 Promos = $300

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